How can I add value to my home - to get a better price? PART TWO

How can I add value to my home - to get a better price?  PART TWO

How can I add value to my home - to get a better price? PART TWO

POSTED BY Chloe Steele ON 03 Jul 2022

Okay, so you want to sell your home, whether it’s a house or an apartment. Sunshine Coast Real Estate is a competitive market, so you have to bring your ‘A game’!

A good thing to do BEFORE you list, is to visit some ‘open for inspections’ of similar homes to yours and in the local area. You will immediately get a feeling for what’s ‘working’ and the current market value. Listen. Listen to what other people at the viewing are saying. You’ll hear comments about the kitchen, the paint colours, the layout etc. While they are not always relevant to your property, you begin to get a sense of the market and trends.


In my many years of successfully selling homes, the number one piece of cheap advice I can give is: ‘declutter your space’. Too much furniture makes a room look small, whether it’s a bedroom or a lounge room. Get rid of junk and make sure the interior and exterior are tidy. 

Do you have a pet? Do they live inside? Steam clean your carpets. While I’m NOT saying your house smells, you are used to the everyday aromas. Strangers coming in for the first time aren’t. And if they have allergies to dogs or cats, they’ll be out as quick as they came in, with a strong lock on their wallet. Another simple hint: remove all your family photos from around the house where possible. If they’re hanging on a wall leave them, but they can clutter counters and be distracting for the visitor. It’s all about presenting a tidy home with clean lines. 

Think of it this way, at the end of a day viewing Peregian real estate ‘open for inspections’, do you want your potential buyers recalling your home as the one that’ smelt like wet dog’ or had ‘small rooms with all that clutter’. It’s better if they think back on the day and remember the one ’with large rooms’ or an ‘open airy feeling’ etc. When you list with us we’ll give you free advice on the best actions to sell your Sunshine Coast real estate fast and at the best price possible…because after all, with Steele Realty, you can always expect a great deal more. Look out for ‘How can I add value to my home - to get a better price?’ PART THREE - next week.