How can I add value to my home - to get a better price? PART THREE.

How can I add value to my home - to get a better price?  PART THREE.

How can I add value to my home - to get a better price? PART THREE.

POSTED BY Chloe Steele ON 11 Jul 2022

Buyers are always keen to find their dream home and yours might be just the one.


If you’re looking to sell your home and think it might need a little love to find the right buyer, the best place to start is to consider your budget and how long it will take you to do a makeover. Every journey starts somewhere and selling your home is a journey. 

Kerb Appeal 

Let’s face it - it’s all about first impressions in Peregian Real Estate or elsewhere on the Sunshine Coast. ‘A Welcoming Presence’ is what it’s all about.

Invest time not money into sprucing up the garden - cutting back, pulling out weeds and trimming hedges can make a big difference. Add some mulch. Mend the fence. You may not need to call the professionals if you just add some pots of colourful blooms or install a new inexpensive exterior light from Bunnings. 

Kitchen Tidy

Not every one comes to an open for inspection with an open-mind. At the very least potential buyers must see that they don’t have to renovate the kitchen before moving-in.

It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is contemporary cool or farm house chic, look at small changes that can make for big results. Splash some colour with bargain or op shop canisters. Add some open shelving or look at replacing that 1980s light fitting. Maybe some new door handles or budget tap-ware.

Invest in some new, basic window treatments. Stores like Kmart, Big W, Target and IKEA are ideal places to start with inexpensive but current styles.

Clean up

Remove any bathroom mould, get rid of lime scale in toilets and make sure to get carpets professionally cleaned and deodorised if you have pets or a smoker in your home.

Tidy out wardrobes and cupboards. It helps buyers see how much space they have and will save you time when you move.

One of the many things we have learned from working for over seven years in Sunshine Coast Real Estate is that taking the time to refresh a property before going on the market is well worth it. Turn a handsome profit by investing time and a little cash to make your home the charmer that everyone wants to buy. Look out for our final How can I add value to my home - to get a better price?  PART FOUR -  Next week.